Software Engineering Intern

This position involves working with senior team members to develop new features in one of the Optimizory products. The job involves developing proof-of-concepts, coding new features, integration and testing.

Though we expect the potential team member to be open to new technologies, currently the work involves the following:

  1. Programming in Javascript, Java
  2. In-depth understanding CSS, HTML5
  3. Working with Git, Shell scripts (preferable)
  4. Frameworks like spring, bootstrap, nodejs (preferable)
  5. Build tools like – maven, gradle (preferable)

We are looking for team members with

  1. Degree in Computer Science with deep understanding of the subject (under-graduation)
  2. Ability to grasp new technologies and languages. And apply it to solve real problems
  3. Complete understanding of the web stack. Familiarity with a few frameworks is desirable