Why should you choose a Contract Management Tool for your business now?

Before jumping onto the said Contract Management tool that will be useful for every business, it is important for us to know about the ins and outs of Contract Management. Contracts, as we all know, are legally binding agreements between two or more parties. No business can escape contracts, and thus the skill of contract management becomes essentially important. Don’t you think so? The process of Contract Management requires creating contracts, execution, monitoring them, and of course enforcing contracts.

Human Error is a common thing to occur, no one to blame. But Contract Management tools or softwares won’t make such errors as frequently. Moreover, the benefits of automation are unending, right?

So, looking out for efficient Contract Management tools for a smooth Contract Management System is always a great deal.

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What is good contract management?


For any business’s success, contract management plays the crucial role of conductor, ensuring each instrument – clause, deadline, obligation – performs in harmony. A good contract management system isn't merely a repository of dusty documents; it's a dynamic hub managing the entire contract lifecycle, from birth to execution, with efficiency and precision.

Imagine a world where contracts aren't lost in email chains or buried in filing cabinets. A centralized repository, readily accessible for authorized eyes, acts as a single source of truth for all agreements. No more frantic deadline scrambles – automated alerts and reminders keep crucial dates front and center, while real-time performance insights paint a clear picture of obligations met and risks mitigated.

Collaboration thrives in this well-managed world. Internal and external stakeholders waltz together on secure platforms, exchanging feedback, sharing documents, and resolving issues seamlessly. Escalation procedures, clearly defined and readily accessible, ensure smooth navigation through even the choppiest contractual waters.

But a good conductor doesn't just keep the music flowing; they understand the risks lurking in the shadows. Proactive identification and management of potential pitfalls safeguards your business from hidden reefs. Compliance, like a steady bassline, underpins every note, ensuring adherence to regulations and minimizing legal tremors.

A good contract management tool isn't a rigid monolith; it's a living, breathing entity, adapting to the ever-changing requirements of your business needs. Scalability ensures it can handle the growing complexity and volume of your contractual arrangements, while user-friendliness keeps everyone dancing to the same beat.

Above all, a good contract management tool or system brings harmony to the overall business functioning. It optimizes processes, minimizes risks, and unlocks the full potential of your agreements, transforming them from static documents into vibrant instruments of success. So, when choosing your contract management tool, choose wisely – for in its hands lies the rhythm of your business's future.

What is an example of contract management?


To give you a tangible example of good contract management, let's imagine a bustling construction company called "Skyline Builders." They juggle multiple projects simultaneously, each with its own complex web of contracts with architects, subcontractors, suppliers, and clients. Keeping track of all these agreements, their deadlines, obligations, and potential risks could easily become a logistical nightmare.

Here's how a good contract management system would help Skyline Builders navigate this complexity:

Streamlined Contract Creation:

  • They ditch the paper mountain and employ a digital system for drafting and storing contracts. Pre-built templates for typical agreements save time and ensure consistency.

Collaboration and Visibility:

  • All relevant stakeholders, from the project manager to the accountant, have secure access to the contracts and their performance data. This transparency fosters collaboration and prevents misunderstandings.

Deadline Tracking and Alerts:

  • Automated notifications remind Skyline Builders of upcoming milestones, payment due dates, and critical clauses about change orders or dispute resolution. No more missed deadlines or hidden clauses causing surprises.

Risk Identification and Mitigation:

  • The system analyzes contracts for potential risks like delays, budget overruns, or subcontractor performance issues. Early warnings allow Skyline Builders to take proactive measures to mitigate these risks.

Reporting and Insights:

  • Real-time dashboards provide insights into contract performance across the company. They can track trends, identify underperforming contracts, and make data-driven decisions for future negotiations.

Adaptability and Scalability:

  • As Skyline Builders takes on more projects, the system adapts to manage the increasing volume and complexity of contracts. They can easily add new clauses, track performance metrics, and customize reports for different projects.

This is just one example, but it illustrates how a good contract management system can transform chaotic contract juggling into a well-orchestrated dance of efficient collaboration, risk mitigation, and valuable insights. Ultimately, it empowers Skyline Builders to focus on what they do best – building majestic skylines, not battling contract paperwork.

By incorporating these elements into your contract management practices, you can ensure your business dances to the rhythm of success, just like Skyline Builders.

Which is the Best Contract Management Tool for a Company?

While numerous Contract Management Tools are out there, your company needs a solution that minimizes hassle while effectively covering all the essential aspects of Contract Management.

So now, say goodbye to the inefficiencies of disparate contract management systems.

Presenting to you - PACT by Optimizory


Pact seamlessly integrates with your existing Jira platform, leveraging its robust features and familiar interface to empower you with next-level contract management. Delve into the eminent features of PACT now:

  • PACT transforms your Jira issues into contract vessels, letting you seamlessly apply Jira's time management, collaboration, and automation capabilities to your legal agreements. Track deadlines, deliverables, and budgets flawlessly within the familiar Jira interface, optimizing efficiency and minimizing disruption.
  • It transcends simple issue tracking. It injects granular cost-related custom fields into your Jira issues, converting them into comprehensive financial dashboards. Monitor spending, anticipate cost overruns, and make informed budgetary decisions - all within the familiar Jira purview.
  • You can gain instant visibility into your legal agreements through PACT's intuitive command center. Stay ahead of potential risks, track upcoming milestones, and monitor contract status – no more sifting through mountains of paperwork. Vital information is readily available at a glance, empowering proactive decision-making.
  • It also empowers you to go beyond surface-level insights. Dive deep into the heart of your agreements, analyze specific requirements, track negotiation history, and pinpoint issues requiring immediate attention. Proactive contract management with surgical precision.
  • Your contracts remain securely within your existing Jira Cloud site, ensuring both confidentiality and compliance. No need for additional data migrations or security concerns. PACT also facilitates transparent sharing and cross-team collaboration through exportable graphs and contract information, fostering informed decision-making across your organization.
  • Pact by Optimizory is a versatile Contract Management Tool. By leveraging the power and familiarity of Jira, PACT delivers streamlined efficiency, data-driven insights, and secure collaboration – empowering you to take control of your contracts and elevate your business to new heights.

So, what are you waiting for? Empower your business with PACT’s seamless Contract Manangement.

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