How Can A Project Tracking Tool Keep You On Track?

What is one of the trickiest parts of project management? Is it:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Costing
  • Staying on track
  • Transparent communication between the team members

You are absolutely right if you guessed any of these or all of these.

Without an apparent idea of your project's stages, it's clear for everybody to fall between the cracks.

And you are not alone in facing this situation. As per the stats, about one quarter, nearly 26% of the deadlines are missed every week.

Don't worry!!!

You won't be the one to miss your project's deadline next time. Project tracking tools like RMsis and Links Explorer by Optimizory provide you and your team a clear picture of the project status. These tools also give you a simple way to keep an eye on real-time updates so that you can spend your time on other high-impact work. Read on to learn how to get started with project tracking to meet the client's demands on time by having transparency within your team.

What Is Project Tracking?


Project tracking is basically a process of checking the project's progress. The project managers use various tools and processes to gather and analyze project data to make informed decisions. These decisions assist in making a proper plan about how to wind up the project before the deadline.

The project management software helps you effortlessly track the ins and outs of project data instead of tracking your work via spreadsheets, email, or just mentally.

With project tracking, you and, most importantly, your team members stay up to date on the project status at the individual, project, and program levels.

What Are Project Tracking Tools?

Project tracking tools give life to your projects. The best project management software is designed to help you and your team stay on top of your projects. They provide real-time updates on the status of tasks so you can always know where things stand. With these project management tools, you don't have to spend extra time checking in and out of the projects to track the weekly progress.

These project management software tools can help you in:

  • Share task information in real-time
  • Clarify who's doing what
  • Create shareable progress reports
  • Assist your team with status, time, and budget tracking

Benefits Of Requirement Management Software


Project management software tools are valuable for modern project management. It allows teams to keep an eye on all project stages, from the overall progress of tasks to their subtasks and dependencies. Additionally, reporting features can help teams measure their progress and establish a clear baseline for project success.

With the best project management app, teams can ensure they stay on track with their key performance indicators (KPIs). And each activity is making a significant contribution to the project's objectives.

1. Identify potential roadblocks and stay on top of project progress

With an eagle's eye, the best project management software tools can help teams identify areas that need improvement or adjustment. This proactive approach can help keep current and future projects on track. These project management tools also assist by addressing potential roadblocks before they become a problem.

2. Team Collaboration for Project Success

Agile project management is successful because of effective project tracking. It improves team collaboration by ensuring that everyone is on the same page. It is crucial for a project's success as it enables team members to work together seamlessly and address challenges as they arise.

3. Streamlined project reporting Through The Best Project Management Software

The best project tracking software simplifies the reporting process, making it more efficient and manageable. Automation features reduce the manual effort of sending updates to keep everyone in the loop. All are engaged in the project's progress by providing comprehensive project reports, task lists, and updates on new projects. This leads to successful project outcomes and a more streamlined workflow.

4. Connecting work and reducing silos Using Project Tracking Tool

Do you plan a project by splitting your work between tools? For instance, one team member will communicate via mail, while the other will work on the documents. The senior most will keep a work track in a spreadsheet.

Sounds like your way of working? The senior-most will keep track of work in a spreadsheet.

Do we have a solution to this? Our RMsis by Optimizory is one of the top project management software that can solve all these problems. It is a requirement management tool designed to streamline the process of capturing, organizing, and analyzing different types of requirements. The key features of the best project management tool include:

  • Organize requirement efficiently
  • Create and manage unique versions of requirements
  • Helps in achieving end-to-end traceability between various entities
  • Quickly replicate product features
  • Ensure requirement and resource accuracy
  • Best of all, you can access all the information you need in one place.
  • Stay on track with project tracking.

Like all the best workflows, good project tracking can simplify your team's collaboration and communication. Instead of inputting project tracking details manually into spreadsheets or slide decks, online project management software such as Rmsis and LXP by Optimizory breaks down silos to help you track work where you work. Share your crucial project information—like documents, details, feedback, and messages—all in one place. Project tracking makes it easier for team members to see and track work from every angle.

Interested in getting started with the best project management app? Learn how Optimizory tools can help your team organize work and stay in synchronization by tracking your project information in one place.

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