Jira-One of the best apps for secure Project Management

There are numerous Project Management Applications out there, yet 25-85 % of the IT projects tend to fail or aren’t able to fulfill requirements. Why so?

Well, the inherent complexity of IT environments, that includes potential hardware/software mismatches, network instability, security gaps, and integration challenges, contribute to an elevated risk of project failure.(Weingartner et al., 2015).

Therefore it becomes extremely important to move forward with the right project management app, that ensures maximum requirement fulfillment and transparency.

Jira, an app by Atlassian, is one of the best applications in this scenario. With a clientele of companies like Spotify, ebay, Airbnb, Jira has proven itself time and again.

How to choose the best Project Management Application app?


There are a few things to consider before going ahead with applications for project management. You want to enhance work productivity with an external app, not over-complicate it.

Keeping the core requirements of project management in mind, you can analyze project management applications by Identifying your needs and challenges. Here are a few things to check upon, before onboarding a project management app-

  • Project size and complexity: Are you managing small, straightforward projects or large, intricate endeavors?
  • Team size and collaboration style: Do you need a platform for a small, close-knit team or a larger, geographically dispersed group?
  • Essential features: What features are non-negotiable for your workflow? Prioritize features like task management, resource allocation, time tracking, communication tools, and reporting.
  • Budget: How much are you willing to invest in a project management app? Consider pricing plans and features offered at different tiers.
  • Integrations: Do you need the app to integrate with existing tools or platforms you use?

Why is Jira the best project management app?

Though primarily known for bug tracking, Jira's multifaceted feature sets it as a more than ideal application choice in project management. With an integration of RMsis, Jira provides-


Unified View:

  • Strengthen the development teams with a holistic perspective.
  • Gain immediate access to repositories, issues, development statuses, and progress metrics within a single, centralized platform.
  • This transparency fosters seamless collaboration and facilitates informed decision-making.

The RMsis integration provides a centralized repository for managing and tracking a large volume of requirements, ensuring that no critical information is overlooked.

Agile Advantage:

  • Integrate Agile methodologies with Jira's intuitive Scrum boards.
  • Prioritize tasks effectively, track progress meticulously, and adapt to dynamic requirements with remarkable agility.
  • Accelerate project delivery and achieve consistent results through iterative sprints.

The Rmsis integration enables the creation and maintenance of requirement baselines, which serve as reference points for tracking changes and ensuring compliance with stakeholder agreements.

Strategic Planning:

Chart your course to success with Jira's interactive roadmap.

Visually map out work tasks and dependencies, ensuring clarity and organization throughout the project lifecycle.

Keep team members aligned and focused on shared objectives.

RMsis facilitates the efficient handling of evolving requirements, allowing for seamless updates and modifications without compromising project integrity. It also supports the management of complex contracts, ensuring that all requirements are met and that compliance is maintained throughout the project.

Jira: Work seamlessly with the integration of LXP (Links Explorer)

Through the LXP applications integration in the Jira app , you get a unified hierarchical tree view, which provides you with interactive traceability of linked Jira issues in a tree structure. Links Explorer's uncluttered and comprehensive tree view lays bare the intricate web of connections within your project, enabling teams to fully grasp the interdependence of its elements.


Traditional visualization tools for project connections often operate on a single level, hindering comprehensive understanding of complex dependencies and relationships. In contrast, Links Explorer's innovative tree view allows users to trace connections infinitely, providing a holistic perspective on project dynamics.

Links Explorer seamlessly integrates with Jira app, ensuring a smooth experience and adapting to your unique needs.


With the inherent complexities of IT environments and a high rate of project failure, choosing the right project management app is important for maximizing efficiency, transparency, and requirement fulfillment.

Jira, with its powerful features and RMsis & LXP applications integration, emerges as a leading application in Project Management Apps. From unified view and agile advantage to strategic planning and streamlined efficiency, Jira allows teams to collaborate seamlessly, adapt to dynamic requirements, and achieve consistent success.

By carefully evaluating your needs and considering Jira's comprehensive capabilities, you can take a significant step towards ensuring your project's success. Don't let the complexities of IT derail your project's journey; choose Jira and take a step towards effective project management.

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