Micromanaging is toxic! Overcome it with a Planner app

Micromanagement is the new red flag in corporate culture nowadays. On the other hand, opting for a versatile Planner App, can save a lot of bad mouthing for the micromanagers as they won’t have to keep nagging their time.Especially in remote work settings, respecting your team's mental health is equally important as ensuring requirement fulfillment.

What is Micromanagement?

Definition of Micromanagement: It is a managerial approach characterized by excessive close supervision and control over employee actions and decisions.

Now, imagine a helicopter parent hovering over their child's every move on the playground. Micromanagement is like that, but in the workplace. It's irritating, right? Excessive monitoring, lack of decision-making autonomy, standing over your shoulder to check whether you are writing the right spellings or not (pun intended); are just a few telltale signs of a micromanager. 'Reporting' is a common concept at corporations, however in this new age era of digitization, how far will this compulsion take us? In 2020, a staggering 64% of remote workers felt micromanaged, states a Mental Health Company, Talkspace, in one of its blogs.


With so much advancement going on in the metaverse, there are tools and apps for every next thing. Apps and programs to ensure reporting in a remote or hybrid culture, can prove to be one of the most healthy things! To suggest, monday.com with LXP app integration provides one of the best solutions to all the planning, reporting,and worries of an organization.

What makes people micromanage? Lack of a proper Planner App!

There are various reasons why someone might micromanage, such as lack of leadership skills, lack of trust in employees' capabilities, a strong urge to control, or even past instances of missed deadlines. While many more underlying reasons could exist, focusing on the latter raises the question: how can employees prevent micromanagement if it stems from missed deadlines? Well, as employees, properly planning and scheduling your day, or week, or even the month, can bring a lot of positive change. That's where a planner app comes into the limelight.

For example, monday.com with its LXP app integration, provides a set of incredible features that can help you find the proper balance of work aligned with your own program of affairs.Have a look at the feature this app provides you including scheduling, reporting, program management, etc–

  • Automation: Wouldn't you like a world where your tasks run on autopilot? Meetings automatically get scheduled, progress reports generate themselves, and even your morning coffee brews at the perfect time. See now, that’s the tech blend of automation! A Planner app, like monday.com with the versatile LXP app integration, lets you automate those predictable tasks you do on a regular basis, freeing up your time and energy for the things that truly matter.
  • Tailored Task Management: Achieve peak productivity with this planner app’s powerful sorting and filtering tools. Organize tasks by priority, assignee, due date, or any custom criteria that suits your workflows. Dynamic views and personalized dashboards let you take control of your projects and optimize team collaboration.
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  • Collaboration & Control: With its LXP app integration, monday.com allows you to execute seamless teamwork with comprehensive end-to-end traceability. Track dependencies, understand impacts, and ensure every team member is aligned towards a common goal.
    • The LXP app integration ensures end-to-end traceability. It helps you track dependencies, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows with surgical accuracy. Moreover, with this, every team member has a clear view of the project landscape, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed.
  • Seamless Integration: monday.com and LXP, both are extremely versatile when it's about its ability to smoothly integrate with other apps like any other business or personal program app!

Hopefully, now you can see micromanagers bidding adieu to the employees?

In conclusion, micromanagement may be the trending these days, but it's a toxic one that stifles creativity and drains morale of the team. Instead, let's optimize the power of planner apps like monday.com, & LXP app . So ditch the helicopter parenting and jump out for the liberating power of smart planning. Let's work smarter, not harder, and build a workplace where trust and transparency reign supreme. You can now say goodbye to micromanagers and wish a hello to the empowered teams with the dynamic duo of monday.com and LXP!

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