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It's that time of the year again, and the biggest shopping event is here! Black Friday is the time to get amazing deals on the products you've been wanting. Optimizory offers a huge discount on all its products for one month to make the most of this festive season. With this discount, consumers can avail of this offer and get the best deals on Optimizory products such as RMsis, LXP, and vREST.

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RMsis – Requirements Management


One of the most popular products from Optimizory is RMsis – an enterprise-class and most mature requirements management application for Jira. It provides an efficient way to capture, organize, analyze, and document requirements. It helps to establish forward and reverse traceability, manage changes across the development lifecycle, and comply with large and complex contracts.

  • Test Case Management: RMsis allows users to create and manage test cases effectively and efficiently. It also offers powerful search capabilities, enabling users to locate and identify test cases quickly.
  • Test Plan Management: RMsis enables users to create and manage project test plans. It also offers various reporting features to help users track the progress of their tests.
  • Test Results Management: RMsis enables users to track test results and analyze trends. It also provides a dashboard to help users visualize test results.
  • Collaboration: RMsis enables users to collaborate by sharing test cases, plans, and results. It also supports various collaboration tools such as chat and forums.
  • Customization: RMsis allows users to customize their test cases, plans, and results according to their needs. It also provides an API to enable users to integrate RMsis with other applications.

RMsis also offers an API to integrate with external tools and applications. An online demo version can be accessed using the link provided in the crawled content above.

LXP – Links Explorer Traceability & Hierarchy


LXP - Links Explorer Traceability & Hierarchy is an excellent enhancement over traditional Jira issue links. It allows users to dynamically trace, analyze, and report the progress of linked JIRA issues, Epics, and Portfolio hierarchies. It enables quick navigation of issues and links from a single window, greatly enhancing user efficiency.

The key features of LXP Traceability & Reporting include:

  • Improves Traceability and Reporting by providing a unified tree view to display the hierarchy of linked JIRA issues.
  • Powerful Reporting engine to generate reports on Fix version report, Custom filter report, Fix version with Epic based report, Custom filter with Epic based report.
  • Perform Impact Analysis to identify hidden impact due to any linked issue (across projects) and analyze the potential risks & delays.
  • Optional Preview displays information including Affected Versions, Fix Versions, Assignee, and Reporter.
  • Issue Details View essential issues within the tree - issue type, status, priority, issue key, summary.
  • Filters Filter on issue types, link types, and link directions to see only the relevant information.
  • Easy Integration Easily integrates within your current environment - Easy to install, fully integrated within JIRA, works with JIRA Agile within your Scrum and Kanban boards, short learning curve.

LXP - Links Explorer Traceability & Hierarchy is an excellent tool for JIRA users who need to quickly and efficiently analyze and report on the progress of linked JIRA issues, Epics, and Portfolio hierarchies. With its powerful reporting engine, impact analysis, and easy integration, LXP is the perfect solution for those who need to quickly and accurately access and analyze their JIRA data.

vREST – Automated REST API Testing

vREST is an advanced test automation solution that helps developers test their APIs with minimal effort. It provides features such as automated API testing, automated API documentation, automated API mocking, and more. With vREST, developers can quickly and easily create automated API tests and document their APIs. The platform is also extremely secure, with built-in security protocols to protect user data. Additionally, vREST offers a variety of integrations with other major platforms, allowing developers to create automated tests that can easily be shared across teams.


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