Useful apps that can Improve your Team management in 2024

Does using “apps” to improve team management sound vague to you? Well, it shouldn’t, because, in today’s day and time, from almost every small - medium sized company to big MNCs are using team management apps at the workplace to establish a smooth flow of work.

Why are team management apps so important?

There are numerous hassles that a team leader comes across on a regular basis, like, decreased team performance, team burnout, poor communication, minimal engagement, requirements unfulfillment, etc.

However, according to a study by Microsoft, 59% of people feel like the tools they use do not align with their preferences. Therefore, introducing suitable requirements management tools or team management apps at the workplace can make a huge difference in the entire functioning and working of the company.

We have culminated a list of useful workplace apps that will definitely improve your team management in 2024!

What are the Best Team Management Apps? ( Free & Paid)

Different kinds of teams would require different kinds of requirement management softwares to function on. An app that might be the best pick for a DevOps team may not be perfect for the marketing team, right? However, there are some apps that do provide you both as well, so let's check them all out, and see what suits your team in the most efficient way!

Jira App with an integration of RMsis & LXP for Workplace Productivity!


Jira by Atlassian is one of those project management apps that should be the go-to app for any DevOps team! It helps teams to plan, track, and manage their work more efficiently. With an RMsis integration, Jira provides features like

  • robust reporting,
  • requirement traceability,
  • reusing requirements,
  • Version Control.

With Jira ( integrated with Optimizory’s RMsis), teams can design custom workflows that suit their unique processes, effectively track issues like software bugs, and collaborate effortlessly with colleagues and stakeholders.


Jira is also integrated with LXP ( Links Explorer) that helps with improving traceability, Impact analysis, generating reports, Optional Preview. LXP easily integrates with any of your current environments. Moreover, it helps you to trace, analyze, and report the progress of epics & linked Jira Issues.


Jira Software offers a free plan for teams of up to 10 users, making it an attractive option for small teams and startups looking for an Agile-focused project management tool.

The premium or paid version starts from $16 per user/month, providing you Unlimited storage, Admin insights, 24/7 Premium support, and more.

Checkout the whole difference in features of the free and premium version here on the Jira Website! integrated with LXP: A versatile workplace app

Now is the destination if you are on the lookout for an app that can take care of the work management and productivity of different kinds of teams. With 27+ different work views like Kanban and Calendar, and integration of LXP, it provides you analytics and reporting features to track progress of your projects and enhance traceability.

The user-centric design of enhances Team Management, featuring an intuitive visual interface and customizable features like boards and automations, empowering teams to collaborate effectively and manage projects with ease.


So if your team is facing problems in controlling the progress of your projects, tracing dependencies, and ultimately Project failures due to traceability, you should consider the LXP integration. The Links explorer is an excellent enhancement over traditional monday item links.

It allows you to trace, analyze and report the progress of linked monday items.Some features of the Links explorer in monday are-

  • Provides interactive traceability of linked monday items in a tree structures
  • Identify and analyze hidden impact due to any linked items across boards at any depth
  • Customize Item Card details as per project requirements
  • Update linked item nodes in real time

And lastly- Theme Support, Links explorer seamlessly integrates with monday themes.

Pricing:’s work Management's pricing structure includes a free forever plan, a basic plan for small teams starting at $8 per user per month, a Standard plan for $10 per user per month, a Pro plan for $16 per user per month, and an Enterprise plan with custom pricing.


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If you're a team of one, you can use monday's Work Management for free!


On average, an employee spends 1.8 hours per day (9.3 hours per week) collecting data from different apps and tools, hindering their productivity at the workplace, according to McKinsey.

And as McKinsey likes to quote, "The Quantum Leap" is a dramatic change in technology. One of their studies backs up this term, sharing that "the percentage of digital products they offer has accelerated by a significant seven years."

So, it's your time to invest in workplace apps in 2024 and manage your work more productively. Jira with RMsis & LXP, with LXP interaction are your apps to consider for efficient team management, this time.

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