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RMsis Generic Report Add-in

RMsis generic report add-in can be used to generate MS-Word pages with the pre-existing data of RMsis application.
It can create complex reports which can be customised by the user.

RMsis Generic Report export

Create a generic report and
Export data from RMsis

Create a Generic Report in RMsis which includes the necessary fields related to the report to be created and export it.

The JSON file created by RMsis in Generic Report section is used to import data to MS-Word using RMsis Generic Report add-in.

Generic report add-in

Import RMsis data and
Define the word template

Create the document template of the report. You can use the All button to insert a default template containing all the fields of the JSON report.
Modify the template by adding the field description, spaces, tabs, headers & footers etc and generate the report.

... ...

Customize further or
Save the report as PDF

Fine tune your report by adding logo, cover page, date, time etc.
Save the report or export the report to PDF.

Get RMsis generic report add-in

Download the Word Add-In for RMsis from Microsoft store and start creating complex reports in Microsoft Word.

View Add-In at Microsoft store

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